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hdpe pipe suppliers

Sinvac Mining & Engineering | Sinvac Piping – Single Source HDPE Solution Company

What Can Sinvac Offer Me?

What can Sinvac offer me?

Sinvac Mining & Engineering and Sinvac Piping provide a comprehensive list of products and services related to HDPE Piping Systems in South Africa and Africa. We deliver a single source HDPE solution for any and all of our clients HDPE requirements.

HDPE Pipes
Who Uses Sinvac For Their HDPE Solutions And Why?

Who uses Sinvac for their HDPE Solutions and why?

  • Business Owners
  • Mine managers, Project Managers, Construction managers
  • Project Engineers and Consulting Engineers.
  • Buyers, Irrigation / Agriculture specialists, Plumbers, Merchants, Traders
HDPE Pipes
What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different?

Sinvac Mining & Engineering continues to grow because we are very different from what you find in the marketplace. Sinvac’s wining culture of high performance and high intensity differentiates us from our competitors in the market.

HDPE Pipes
hdpe pipe suppliers


Sinvac successfully supplies HDPE Pipes and Associated Fittings into Africa.…………………….

HDPE Piping Systems

Sinvac supplied 80km’s of HDPE pipes and 2830 fabricated fittings into the DRC over a period of 6 months. HDPE Piping Systems.

HDPE pipe supplier

Sinvac effectively completes another HDPE In-Plant Piping Project.…………………….

Sinvac Piping

Manufacture, Fabricate, Installation and Commissioning of the HDPE pipes and associated fittings.

HDPE pipe supplier

Yet another Overland HDPE Piping project completed by the dedicated Sinvac Project team.

HDPE Solutions

Over 14km’s of HDPE Pipes installed by Sinvac along with the earthworks and civils related to the overland piping system.

HDPE pipe supplier
HDPE Piping Systems
hdpe pipe suppliers


HDPE Pipes

HDPE Fittings

Custom HDPE Pipe & Sheet fabrication

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