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HDPE related Products & Services

The two businesses are original equipment manufacturers of SABS approved piping systems and jointly offer the following comprehensive list of products and services related to all HDPE Piping Systems.

Manufacture of HDPE Pipes

  • Manufacturing of HDPE Solid wall : OD 20 mm – 630 mm classes PN6 to PN25.
  • Manufacturing of HDPE Structured wall : ID 300 mm – 1 200 mm 4 kN/m2 and 8 kN/m2 Hoop Stiffness.

More information about

HDPE Pipe (4)

HDPE Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance on HDPE Pipes (In-plant & Overland).
  • Condition monitoring reports.
  • Overland Piping / Inp
HDPE Maintenance (5)
Supply & Installation Of In Line Items (3)

Supply & Installation of In-line items

  • Pumps, valves, fire hydrants etc.

Civil Works related to Piping Systems

  • Excavating, bedding and backfilling.
  • Plinths and Thrust blocks.
  • Valve chambers.
  • Pump houses.
Civil Work Related To Piping Systems (4)
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